And now for something completely different: Herpy Derpmas


Santa’s derpy reindeer

Mel Roach is responsible for these fantastic abominations. You can see all nine of them (that would be the eight regulars and Rudolph) here, but Comet is by far my favorite of this set, possibly because it is the most understated yet most effective at conveying derp. Herpy derpmas and a herpy derp derp to you all. :)

Addressing gender bullying

A first grade teacher in Wisconsin writes about her experience teaching her students about gender and accepting differences. Elementary-level teachers, teaching students, and parents of young children may find this instructive; everyone will find it interesting.

Gender is not a subject that I would have broached in primary grades a few years ago. In fact, I remember scoffing with colleagues when we heard about a young kindergarten teacher who taught gender-related curriculum. We thought her lessons were a waste of instructional time and laughed at her “girl and boy” lessons….

It wasn’t until I had a child dealing with gender variance (defined as “behavior or gender expression that does not conform to dominant gender norms of male and female”) in my classroom that I realized how important it is to teach about gender and break down gender stereotypes. Why did I wait so long? I should have taken a hint from that kindergarten teacher years ago. As I thought about how to approach the topic, I realized that the lessons I was developing weren’t just for Allie. She had sparked my thinking, but all the children in my class needed to learn to think critically about gender stereotypes and gender nonconformity.

We started off with a lesson about toys because it’s a simple topic I knew my students thought they had clear ideas about. The class gathered on the carpet and I read William’s Doll, which is about a boy who, against the wishes of his father, wants a doll more than anything.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey announcement trailer!

Watching this has reminded me that I haven’t read The Hobbit in over a decade. I need to get on that. Right after I’m done having a gigantic nerdsquee.

The internet Justice League

Google, Facebook, HuffPo, Tumblr and more as superheroes and supervillains. And yes, Reddit is the one with the arrows. I don’t think we would have it any other way. Click the image for the whole set. Via CollegeHumor.

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