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Do flagging Apple Watch sales prove we’ve passed ‘Peak Cupertino?’

Probably not.  But I couldn’t resist using the phrase ‘Peak Cupertino.’ iPhone sales are still pretty solid, despite a pretty lackluster WDC and a host of schadenfreude-inducing technical issues over the past year or so. Apple is surprisingly resilient. Also, no one who actually knows what they’re talking about ever expected Apple Watch sales to keep pace with the iPhone. That would be silly. To be honest, the precipitous drop in Apple Watch sales that has much of the media declaring the device a “flop” is just the latest round of non-tech media’s raging hate-on for smartwatches and all things wearable tech....

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If you don’t wipe your device before installing the Android M preview, very weird things will happen

As I mentioned in my previous post, the first time I tried flashing the Android M developer preview to my Nexus 5, I didn’t exactly bother with the whole wiping my device first thing. Starting over from scratch is hard. You have to reinstall all of your apps. You have to log back in to all of those apps. You end up spending days tracking down where Facebook moved the setting to turn off those damn popping noises every time you get a notification (turns out you have to do it in two places now). Even though this post is...

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24 hours with the Android M developer preview

I installed the Android M developer preview on my Nexus 5 yesterday, not because I’m looking to test and optimize any apps, but mostly because I can and I gain some sort of perverse joy out of being on the bleeding edge and submitting bug reports. I was helping run MomoCon over the weekend, so I didn’t get to install it right away, but it was one of the first things I did after I got back from my trip and slept a little. In case you missed it, Google I/O was last weekend, and they announced what is essentially a...