Official list of organizations supporting SOPA: Call for boycott, Move Your Domain Day

This deserves its own post, and I promise I’ll have a more comprehensive post about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and why it’s a Bad Thing soon. Until then, have a look at this list of 142 organizations that are officially on record as supporting the bill. Some of the ones you may have heard of include ABC, CBS, Comcast/NBC/Universal, Disney, ESPN,, MPAA, NewsCorp, and several more.

Several discussions on Reddit and around the internet have proposed boycotting the companies on the list. One specific proposal is Move Your Domain Day on December 29. On this day, if you have domains registered through GoDaddy, move them somewhere else. Personally, I recommend, which is a wonderful host and registrar (and no one is paying me to say that), but it may not suit everyone’s needs. The proposal thread on Reddit has several suggestions for GoDaddy alternatives along with discount codes for a few of them.

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