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Courtesy: Ubisoft

The one thing I wish game companies would stop doing at E3

It’s that time of year again–that time when the whole of my productivity grinds to a halt as I sit glued to my computer for days watching the livestreams of all of the major game companies’ E3 press conferences. Every year, my friends and I, as well as the internet as a whole, pick the winners and losers of the conference, get into a fangirl/fanboy froth over announcements about our favorite franchises, and stand either amazed or underwhelmed (or maybe a little of both) at announcements of new IP, new features, and resurrected titles. But there’s one thing I wish...

Holding out for Diablo III

Diablo II is probably my all-time favorite PC game. I, not unlike many others, have been holding out for a sequel to tie up some loose ends and give us some new adventures. Diablo III has been rumored many times, and supposedly, it was even under development at some point: