Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why “The Frustrated Bunny”? Why choose that as a name for your blog?

A: I’d been using this animated gif of a black-and-white cartoon rabbit repeatedly banging its head on a typewriter as an avatar for awhile, mostly because I really related to the sentiment. When I signed up for a WordPress account, I used it as my avatar, and used the name “The Frustrated Bunny” initially as a placeholder because it was the only thing I could think of at the time. I meant for it to change, but inertia set in, it grew on me, and when I started seeing people using it as a Google search term in my analytics, it officially stuck. (The bunny gif can still be found in the footer of every page. I have absolutely no idea who designed it, where it’s from, or where I even found it. It’s been kicking around my files for over 10 years. I’d love to know where it came from so I can properly credit the creator, but I’ve never had any luck.)

Q: Why can’t I comment on some posts?

A: As a spam prevention measure, comments automatically close after a post is more than 6 months old. This policy was instituted in 2013, so some posts older than that do have comments that span a longer time than that.

Q: What is your commenting policy?

A: Comments and feedback are always welcome, but please remain respectful. Personal attacks and other defamatory content are absolutely not tolerated and will be removed. Registration is required to comment, as this helps keep spam to a minimum. Spammy or otherwise off-topic comments will be deleted (or if I’m really lucky, will be eaten by my spam filters before they even post).

Q: I saw an ad that I feel was inappropriate. How do I report it?

A: Most of my ads (with the exception of the Amazon one) are served through Google AdSense. Each ad should have a two-button menu in the corner. Click the ‘X’, and you should see a menu to report the ad.

Q: How can I support “The Frustrated Bunny”?

A: I mostly blog for fun, but I do find that I’m more motivated when I’m actually making a little money. Any money I make comes from ads, so disabling your ad-blocker for this site is the best way to support my content. I promise that I work hard to keep the advertisements out of the way and largely unobtrusive to your overall reading experience.