Equipment & Technique

I shoot primarily with a Canon 450D, though my earlier images (pre-2008) were shot with various point-and-shoot digital cameras. The large majority of the non-commissioned work I do is not post-processed in any way, as I try to develop my skills by working very hard to get the exact image I want straight out of the camera. I do post-process all of my work-for-hire using Photoshop in order to ensure a professional finished product.


I’ve been taking pictures for 15 years, though it’s just within the last eight that I’ve been working to hone my skills to a professional level.┬áThe following images are among what I believe to be my best work. More of my photography can be found on my Flickr page.



IMG_6651 IMG_6664 IMG_6706 IMG_6753 IMG_6773

IMG_6798 IMG_6822 IMG_6836 IMG_6850

People & Portraits

IMG_0264 IMG_0302 IMG_0323 IMG_0378 IMG_0434

IMG_0444 IMG_0539 IMG_0651 IMG_2042 IMG_2075

IMG_5527 IMG_5899 IMG_7659 IMG_7901 029 - Hats and Happiness

066 - Searchmonkey Face IMG_9845e 075 - Caroline as C.C. 076 - Rachel as Yukko IMG_8645

Will at The Big Rock 2003 IMG_3855 IMG_3871 198 - Alek is a Senior IMG_2096a


Thor 05 Livingston 04 Livingston 02 Sunshine 01 IMG_0028

IMG_0042 IMG_0166 IMG_0176 IMG_0468 IMG_1786

IMG_3709 IMG_7832 161 - Baby Shark

Still life & Artistic

Dragon Con 2006 - Dice Wallpaper IMG_0349 IMG_3508 IMG_4018 IMG_5002

IMG_7116 008 - Inverse Footprints 009 - Flight of the Bumblebat IMG_7768 031 - Marzipan

043 - Your Cold, Cold Heart 077 - Rainbow at the Campanile 192 - No H8 193 - Orange Soda

Licensing & Rates

I license nearly all of my photos under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC-by-sa) licenses. This means that you may use my photos free of charge provided that:

  1. I am properly credited as the author of the photo.
  2. If the photo is used online in a blog or as stock art, you link back to the Flickr page for the photo.
  3. The publication that includes my photo is also released under CC-by-sa or a compatible free license.

If your intended use of my photography does not meet the above conditions, contact me, and I can work out an individual licencing agreement with you for the image(s) you want to use. Generally, if your intended use is noncommercial in nature, I’ll have no problem with your using my photos free of charge, but please contact me first if you think the intended use may not conform to CC-by-sa.

If your intended use is commercial in nature and is not compatible with CC-by-sa, I will charge a nominal fee for use of my images. This fee is highly negotiable. Contact me and either make an offer or ask me for a quote, and we can work from there to come to an agreement on a fair price.

Likewise, if you would like to specifically request my services for an event or for other publicity, I usually charge a modest, negotiable hourly fee. Please contact me at hillary.lipko [at] gatech [dot] edu for more information and a price quote.