Surviving convention season: Part 2 – Food

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4 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I understand there is a Publix not far from Dragon Con- is this correct? I will not have a car and I’m staying out at the airport Hilton but I thought when I come to pick up my badge Thursday, I could buy some supplies for the rest of the con and take them back to my hotel. Or if this is not correct, are there any other small markets nearby that sell fruit/veggies- even if overpriced?(I need my fresh stuff!) How about a market somewhere on the Marta between the airport stop and Peachtree? I have never been to Atlanta before so I do not know where anything is -at all.

    Thanks for your help

  2. Hillary says:

    Unfortunately, I am not terribly familiar with the area between the airport and downtown, and aside from Dragon*Con and a couple of other things, I avoid downtown like the plague because the roads are so crazy. I’m hesitant to recommend any stores nearby the convention hotels, as I’ve never been to any of them, and wandering around Atlanta you can go from being in a good neighborhood to a not so good neighborhood pretty quickly. That said, Google Maps has provided me with this information about Publix stores near the Hyatt Regency. There indeed appears to be one not too far away.

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