A little refresh and a bit of a new look


[UPDATE 6:12 pm]: I went ahead and pulled the trigger and now have a completely new look. It’s not wholly compatible with the old way I did things, but I’m shoehorning it in. In the process, I’ve discovered some things that have seriously changed on my hosting backend while I wasn’t paying attention that are affecting how my blog manages media (or more accurately how it¬†isn’t). Anyway, if you notice anything REALLY broken, let me know.

I’ve generally been very happy with this blog theme, which pretty much explains why I haven’t changed…oh…anything on my blog since I launched it on WordPress¬†in…geez, I don’t even remember now. 2007? 2008? Something like that. In a lot of ways, my layout probably looks dated, but the 3-column layout and the clean, text-forward look works for me. But at the same time, there aren’t many ways for me to update it other than changing up the color scheme (which you might have noticed we’re looking a lot more sunny over here), and I’m not really sure how much I’m really liking it. The blue was starting to feel old and busted, but I’m not sure the orange and yellow is the new hotness.

I’m always talking about how I use my blog as a sort of sandbox–a testing and proving ground for things that I might want to start doing for my clients, but I’m not sure how they’ll pan out. It’s a low-risk environment for me to try new things, and yet I’ve long felt hesitant to take a risk for the sake of the blog itself and find a new look. The time has come.

The longer I look at the new color scheme, the less I like it. The longer I look at this theme, the more I feel like it just isn’t doing it for me anymore. So please bear with me as I try out some new looks and play around with some new ideas. Things are going to look weird for awhile, and stuff is going to break, mostly because I’m not set up to do updates offline and launch them all at once, which is really how I *should* do it.

I don’t always update the look of my blog, but when I do, I do it in production.

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