The Journey of my beloved backpack

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  1. Laura Madere says:

    Hi Hillary,
    I loved reading your story about your red backpack with flames, it was exciting until I got to the end and there was no ending. What happened to the backpack? Did it make it home safely? I started to feel nervous and sad for the red backpack. ha ha The reason I even found your blog was looking for pictures or info on what Jansport would take back. My daughter is 17 in the 11th grand and just LOVES her back pack it has drawing and writing all over it. She is an artist so you can imagine how much drawing it has on it. The problem with her backpack is it has a few holes in the bottom so she is losing things out of it. Now she is carrying an extra bag with her to hold things she don’t want to lose or that are small enough to fall through. Anyway.. she isn’t wanting me to send it in to be fixed because she don’t think they will cover it since she has draw all over it. From the looks of your writing it should be fine, right? I loved that they seem to be very fun and down to earth the way they sent you the cute post cards. If you would please send me updates on your back pack I will be able to sleep at night. Well that’s a lie I don’t sleep well at night I am better at sleeping in the day, but any who.. I’ll be able to breath knowing the red back pack made it back safely to his home sweet home. 🙂
    Thank you have a great day,