How a one-off rant about hair donation changed how I blog

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1 Response

  1. gingermoey says:

    Hi, I just came across your LoL article today actually. It’s a very good article and I will be sending it to anyone who tells me to cut my hair in the future. 😛 I couldn’t find an option to reply on that post but I just have to say.. Donating a kidney SAVES LIVES. Donating hair to Locks of Love DOES NOT. The real issue is not me not donating my hair, it’s other people (adults or other children) making the children feel that they’re odd or some how lesser because they don’t have hair. That it’s unacceptable to be bald. That makes me so sad.

    You are not defined by the amount of hair on your head, but by the amount of love in your heart. If only everyone could see it that way.